Detox Foot Cleanses

Detoxification and purification brings health and well being.




The Ionic energy enters your lymphatic system to gently release toxic  elements stored in the lymphatic system of your body.

Your immune system requires T-Cells for health. The more toxins in your Lymph System, the less T-Cell production can take place in it.

The lower the T-Cell production, the weaker your immune system becomes the more susceptible to illness you become!

When the lymphatic system gets clogged it can not drain these toxins, as they build up your immune system will eventually be weakened you will becomeWith your feet in a tub of hot mineralized saline water, Direct Current is introduced creating Negative Ions, which use the body’s Energy Meridians as pathways for ANALOG energy (because Humans are Analog beings) to be freely pulled in by the body detoxing the tissues, with a small portion of the toxic material being excreted back into the tub water through the 2000+ pores on the bottom of the feet.

 The bulk of the detox material and dead parasites will be flushed from the body via the Lymphatic System which empties into the GI Tract. The other benefits will be discussed later. Due to Physics, salt must be present in the water for the Electrons/Ions to travel through the water.

 Introduced  in 2006, This apparatus that Detox-Chi uses took BEFE and detox technology to another level. Using 14 volts DC current at 12 Amps of power with a new design, much heavier Stainless Steel Ionizer (also called an “Array”). Instead of using small recycled metal strips as some systems use or thin steel washers as others (plus one copper washer to artificially discolor the water) The Detox foot cleanse System we use is a machine that uses parallel horizontal bars and Ionizing plates to create a flow in the water, visible to the naked eye. This charges the water faster and more fully with the Negative Ions.

The Foot Detox Cleanse you will seat yourself in a chair for 30-40 minutes up to 1-3 times per week. We at Detox-Chi foot spa cleanse recommend at least two sessions in the first month. Keep in mind that heavy toxic build up in ones bodily system over decades would require a régime of sessions to eliminate the Toxic buildup and their effects on the Human system.        

Foot cleanse session combines water, graded minerals from the Himalayas, oxygen and hydrogen. This combination of basic elements has a positive cleansing effect on your entire body. These oxygen and hydrogen elements create an Ionic field that enters and traces its way through the 2000 plus pores on your feet.

Your immune system requires T-Cells for health. The more toxins in your Lymph System, the less T-Cell production can take place in it.

The lower the T-Cell production, the weaker your immune system becomes the more susceptible to illness you become!

When the lymphatic system gets clogged it can not drain these toxins, as they build up your immune system will eventually be weakened you will become more susceptible to illness Because T-cell production has been impaired or even compromised.

 The Fact is that ANYTIME you become ill, your illness is related to the strength of your immune system. 

 Empowered with knowledge and serviced with products that help you enjoy Life to its fullest, Detox-Chi Brings an alternative to less effective detoxification  methods and stress reduction systems. Used In conjunction with other Lymphatic system strength enhancers we provide service to, like our automated infrared massages tables, foot and calf massagers of the quality used in the rehabilitation Health care fields, aided by Detox foot cleanses and colon cleanses synergized when used in conjunction and combinations of treatments bring you noticeable and  discernable benefits.

 The foot cleanse is one of those health alternatives that simply makes sense because in this case the cleaner your body, the better you function.

We all want optimum and vibrant health. If your body is toxic that can’t be attained. Detoxification is the answer!    

Detoxification Indicators: 

 There are several factors that influence how the water will react as it becomes stimulated by the Ionic field generated by our Ionic Body Balancer unit. First and foremost all water is different in its mineral and chlorine content. Also the pH of municipal water varies. As you prepare your session keep in mind these factors and other chemical reactions including how much salt you ad to the water, the pH of your skin and internal organs all have an affect on how the water will react.

 Keep in mind that no matter how many questions people have regarding the color changes of the water, you are providing tremendous benefits to your entire body. The Ionic field that our Ionic Body Balancer emits, we feel generates undeniably beneficial benefits.    

Ionic fields relieve The Stressors in your body.

  As you look at the water you will see colors and some of the toxins being released. You must realize that many toxins are microscopic and cant be seen by the eye.

  However, you may see some interesting stuff like Candida and Fungus being released. By the way if you have been on antibiotics or eat commercially raised meats, the chances are almost 100% that you have Candida. For that reason alone, you should detoxify yourself regularly.

 Candida and Fungus are the two most insidious Stressors to human health and well being. Candida and Fungus create depression, headaches, brain fog, feeling lethargic, itching and ringing in the ears, sugar cravings, chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet, gas and more!!! If you identify with three or more of these symptoms, you should detoxify immediately! Don’t you agree?

 This technology uses the same Energy Meridians utilized by Acupuncture and Reflexology to transmit Negatively Charged  Energy (Ions) into the body from the Meridian’s terminus points on the soles of the feet (as well as the palm of the hands) and use them like power lines for the energy to spread throughout the body. Hence, the term “Negative Ionic…” used to describe this technology. (See Bottom of page for exerts about Meridian lines) 

 This energy is the opposite electrical charge (of the positive charge) that toxins use to attach themselves to the body’s tissues. Being stronger, the negatively charged energy breaks the toxin’s positive electrical bond freeing them (and the fat that the body encapsulates toxins with) so they may be flushed from the body. Since the toxins and fat are flushed from the body together, many people lose weight using this technology. For some reason Males detox slower than Females.     

 At the same time, energy is pumped into the body’s cells cleansing them and resulting in the user having more energy and a sense of well being. The blood is purified and parasites killed as well. During the treatments Endorphins are released in the brain giving the user a feeling of relaxation and calm. The same feeling one gets after strenuous exercise. A little tired, but relaxed.

 No clinical studies, that we are aware of, have been made documenting the various claims as to illnesses cured or helped with this technology. Most doctors who deride this technology have only heard that magically toxins come out of the bottom of the feet. They are not aware of the history of this technology or the research done at the University of Canberra, or even how it works. Not even the material in this document is known to most doctors, which explains their skepticism.

 However, some purchasers of the foot cleanse produced by the machine used in the Detox-Chi Services with its Ionic Body Balancer claim many benefit they attest to the use of regular sessions . Users claim results such as viral loads decreasing dramatically for Hepatitis C patients, elimination of pain from Arthritis sufferers, insomnia cured, increased energy levels, cleansing of the Lymphatic System, swollen Lymph Nodes returning to normal, Gall Stones dissolved, Pain Relief for sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Epstein-Barr), Fibro Myalgia, Edema, Lupus, Neuropathy and countless other ailments. We also believe it also strengthens the Immune System.

 Are these benefits of interest to you?  

  All it takes is a scheduled series of sessions as often as 3 times a week or spread out over a given length of time. We strongly recommend that you do at least 2 sessions within 2 weeks to start. 

    See and feel the difference  Detox-Chi Energizes and works through the bodies Meridian Lines 

     Meridians are the pathways of qi (chi) and blood flow through the body. Qi flows continuously from one meridian to another. Any break in the flow is an indication of imbalance. If a person's vitality or energy is recognizably diminished it is an indication that the body's organs or tissues are functioning poorly, therefore the qi flow is inadequate.

Meridian Healing System

The meridian healing system (originating in Chinese Medicine) is based on the concept that an insufficient supply of qi makes a person vulnerable to disease. Restoring the qi is the ultimate goal in restoring overall health and well being to the individual. Practitioners (acupuncturists, Chinese herbalists, massage therapists, etc.) assist clients in repairing dysfunctioning areas within their meridian systems to restore a natural balance by utilizing various healing methods.

Twelve Major Meridians

The twelve major meridians correspond to specific human organs: kidneys, liver, spleen, hearth, lungs, pericardium, bladder, gall bladder, stomach, small and large intestines, and the triple burner (body temperature regulator). Yin meridians flow upwards. Yang meridians flow downwards. Pathways corresponding to the Yang organ is often used to treat disorders of its related Yin organ.

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  • "It was amazing the energy I had after just one detox session. I would highly recommend this to everyone!!! Really think Debbie is a cool person and so enjoyed talking to her d..."
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  • "I was really amazed at the different things that came out during the foot detox. It was very interesting to see. Definetly learned alot and would recommend it to others!"
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