Detox Foot Cleanses

Detoxification and purification brings health and well being.


We offer a variety of services that can be mixed and matched to create your own personalized Relaxation and detoxification regime that fits your needs and can be adapted to all budgets. Call today to discuss your needs and wants and personalize a program that will lead to purification of todays  over worked, stressed & toxin filled Bodily System

These Are: Detox Foot Cleanses: Our premier weapon in our approach at detoxing your system, We believe we have the best system available for foot detoxification a powerful tool that is the center of our program and detoxification strategy. Feel and see the benefits it may promote in your life and in your Quest to better health by the  elimination of toxic build up that is inherent to our environment. Toxins that have debilitating  effects on the Human body and the immune system.   

  The Professional Rehabilitation grade feet and calf massager. Increases circulation to your lower leg and feet the home of  a multiple  nerve endings and a place that circulation is critical for quality of life pursuits.  

 Consultations on products available to help Cleanse and work in unison with our service treatments based on your needs and personal goals.

Call today for Appointments and Consultation and invitaion to vist us on location I explaining our  package deals, available to personalize a regime that leads you, the consumer, to our purpose and intent to produce a flexible but meaningful detoxification program.   

Sound And Mind Machine:  Brainwave synchronizer that uses Sound and Light  to produce deep relaxation and mind focusing sharpness. Light wired glasses provide soothing patterns of light while the Special Audio Strobe CD plays mind synchronizing  Music allowing your conscious to achieve melting relaxation and mediation focus.  Try them on while relaxing in our private relaxation room while we provide our detoxification sessions in a private relaxing environment 

Do something that may impact your wellbeing and goals to remain healthy and active at any age  

  Call Today 352-598-2366

Contact us to receive an invitation to our N.E. Ocala location and tour the facility. One designed to meet your desire to get to and remain in optimum health and fitness required for those seeking an active lifestyle and and holistic empowerment. 


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  • "It was amazing the energy I had after just one detox session. I would highly recommend this to everyone!!! Really think Debbie is a cool person and so enjoyed talking to her d..."
    Cindy Delbene
    satified client
  • "I was really amazed at the different things that came out during the foot detox. It was very interesting to see. Definetly learned alot and would recommend it to others!"
    Carolyn Alderman
    amazed client

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