Detox Foot Cleanses

Detoxification and purification brings health and well being.


Quotes I can get up from a chair much easier! I feel better. Very good service! Quotes
Joe Starks
satisfied customer

Quotes I've had less pain from my arthritis in my back, shoulder and neck. Working out seems easier and I don't feel as tired. Thanks! Quotes
Gera Fleming

Quotes The Detox-Chi has been a wonderful asset to my health program. I am feeling much better after just two sessions. I couldn't believe the amount of toxins and parasites my body was housing. I could see all this with my own bare eyes! My Husband had chemo therapy and with one treatment it got rid of parasites, toxins and dead blood cells! I'm sure he is going to get rid of all the weakness his body is experiencing. Thank-you Debbie for caring! Quotes
Yvonne Kenner
Thankful Customer

Quotes Great service! Amazing! Quotes
Barbara Pompey

Quotes I highly recommend people to detox. I have done eight detoxifications and it has pulled all kinds of stuff from my gallbladder and all over!!! Amazing! Quotes
Rick Dunn
Amazed Customer

Quotes I was somewhat intrigued by the concept so I tried the Foot Cleanse. It felt tingly and it extracted a mass of apparent toxins .the next day I felt more energized and a gum infection I had been nursing lost its swelling and pain. Can't wait for my next session! Quotes
Amazed Practitioner
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  • "It was amazing the energy I had after just one detox session. I would highly recommend this to everyone!!! Really think Debbie is a cool person and so enjoyed talking to her d..."
    Cindy Delbene
    satified client
  • "I was really amazed at the different things that came out during the foot detox. It was very interesting to see. Definetly learned alot and would recommend it to others!"
    Carolyn Alderman
    amazed client

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