Detox Foot Cleanses

Detoxification and purification brings health and well being.

DETOX CHI Brings you Detoxification and Stress Reduction

The Detox-Chi Uses water energizing treatments is a Detox Foot cleanser and Body Energy Balancer using Bio-Electric Field Enhancement (BEFE) technology. You'll feel the energy of a natural hot spring without leaving home, and experience a deep sense of relaxation with a rush of energy. Experience natural healing and a re-balancing of the body's bio-electrical field. 

Bio-Electric Field Enhancement Technology - B.E.F.E.

which is based on Quantum Field Science

Why Detoxify your System?; ...Toxins!

Millions of people NEED cleansing and stimulation of their Immune System, of which the Lymph System is a major component, to rid their bodies of toxins including: Heavy Metals, Silver Dental Fillings, the hundreds of toxins found in Cigarette smoke (first or second hand), Pesticides and general Environmental Pollutants that surround us every day.

Smoking is a serious addiction that leaves hundreds of toxic substances in the body. Many are still hooked on this Toxin generating Habit. We attest that Detox-Chi Foot Spa Therapy using B.E.F.E. Technology  helps us mitigate the damage it causes our bodies as you try to quit.

People employed as Welders, Pipe Fitters, Farm Workers, workers in Metal Fabrication, etc., suffer many health problems because they are full of toxins through no fault of their own. Left in the body, these toxins WILL cause a person to feel bad, and eventually damage organs causing serious illness.

Most people, and virtually all of the people mentioned above suffer from impaired Lymph System function. Lumps in the groin area, under the arms or tenderness on the sides of the rib cage area are signs of it. An impaired Lymph System will reduce or stop the creation of T-Cells used to fight Illness.

A Lymph System clogged with toxins or sluggish Lymph System is NOT good. It is a major waste elimination system for the body. However, unlike a clogged, hardened colon, there is no procedure for a "Colostomy" of the Lymph System. There is, however, something called Lymphoma.

Lymph System Cleansing does wonders for your body!

Why Detoxify your System...Parasites / Worms

FACT: 92% of Americans have Worms and parasites in their bodies! 

Our Ionic Body Balancer has been reported in some cases, cause worms to leave the body.

If you do a colon cleanse along with the treatments, they will work together and make each therapy work better.

Signs of Worms & Parasite - Symptoms

  • Sugar Cravings
  • Nervousness, Anxiety
  • Fatigue, Exhaustion, Depression
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Food Allergies or Sensitivities
  • Gas, Stomach Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Blood in Stool
  • Anemia

 The following table gives details of common worms and parasites found in our bodies

Name of Worm


Length / Growth

Symptoms / Effect

Round worm


Up to 15 inch long, 200 000 eggs a day

Pain in upper abdomen, asthma, eye pain, insomnia, rashes. appendicitis, abscesses in the liver, sugar cravings

Hook worm



Up to 1/2 inch long

They feed on patient's blood. The symptoms include abdominalpain, loss of appetite, craving to eat soil, iron and protein deficiency, dry skin and hair, skin irritations, delayed puberty, mental dullness, etc. In acute cases it can cause cardiac failure and death.


Pin worm


Up to 1/2 inch long. 
They lay about 15 000 eggs daily on outer anus.

The symptoms include itching and irritation of the anus or vagina, digestive disorders, insomnia, irritation or nervousness. The worms come out of the anal opening to lay eggs at night. The eggs can pass to others through air or by contact with infected food. The eggs are not affected by disinfectants.





 We invite you to try our detox foot sessions and you determine its benefits. Call today and Feel the difference in your life Detoxification and relaxation sessions can do and how it affects your wellbeing. Call for Details  352-598-2366


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  • "It was amazing the energy I had after just one detox session. I would highly recommend this to everyone!!! Really think Debbie is a cool person and so enjoyed talking to her d..."
    Cindy Delbene
    satified client
  • "I was really amazed at the different things that came out during the foot detox. It was very interesting to see. Definetly learned alot and would recommend it to others!"
    Carolyn Alderman
    amazed client

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